Termite Treatment & Termite Bond

When it comes to termite treatment, Bugno stands alone from the rest. We have treated hundreds of properties in the past decade and have the experience, knowledge, and determination to get the job done right. There is nothing worse then seeing your investment/home being literally eaten away by these wood destroying organisms. No untreated structure is safe from termites or wood destroying beetles. Especially here in North Carolina, where our environment is ideal for termite growth and rapid reproduction.

Bugno Pest Control is licensed to treat for these pests and will have a qualified North Carolina Pest Management Association technician with real-life experience come to your property for full-house  inspection. This includes a thorough physical inspection of all accessible crawl space areas, slabs and perimeter area by visual & sound detection. A detailed graph will be presented of the building being inspected along with notes on the status of any past or recent termite activity, any possible unaccessable areas that must be waived for state paperwork, and as well as a moisture percentage reading. (any reading above 18% is conducive for termites and must be addressed by the owner as soon as possible, please see our crawlspace management page for more information)
Keeping the property owner's budget in mind, our technician will give a couple of different plans of treatment that best fit the owner's budget and needs.

Examples of Termite damage left untreated:

Once the treatment is finished:
A termite bond will be issued to the property owner stating that Bugno Pest Control has certified the structure as treated and termite-free, along with a contract for an annual inspection to insure no activity has occurred. In the rare case that any activity has occurred, Bugno Pest Control will re-treat the infected areas at no charge.

Treatment Process:
Our termite treatment for a slab building consists of trenching the entire outside perimeter of the building and then drilling where necessary every 12 inches to inject Termicide (approximately 1 gallon per 3 linear feet) under the slab itself. At Bugno we only use the best chemical on the market for termite control. (Thermador). As for structures with a crawlspace, the outside perimeter will be trenched and treated as well as a slabbed structure would be, but we also must trench and treat the entire perimeter of the crawlspace along with all pilings. When the job is finished all trenched and drilled areas will be replaced and patched as if nothing had ever been taken place.

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NC Pest Control License: 2020PW