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Bugno's Mosquito Service Plans

We offer three Mosquito spray plans:
Plan A) Once a month for 6 months @ $50 half acre due at each service. ($300 April-Sept
Plan B) Twice a month for 6 months @ $40  half acre due at each service. ($480 April-Sept)

Plan C) One-Time spray @ $75 up to a half acre.

(If for ANY reason you are not happy with our service you are free to cancel at ANY time)

Either plan can be started mid-season, and can be terminated at any time at the customers request. We spray for Mosquitoes as long as they are still active. Depending on seasonally weather here in North Carolina, Mosquitoes can be active as early as March and as late as November.

What equipment do we use?
We operate our gas-powered pump & gun that shoots a mist up to 40 feet into the air. Assuring every leaf,branch, and bush is treated. A typical size yard will receive between 7-10 gallons of pesticide. Our technicians are trained to make sure to only spray your yards trees, bushes, and greens. They are also trained not to spray gardens, or areas where people and pets will hang around. (such as patios, playhouses, and outdoor bars/kitchens).

What chemicals do we spray?
 Bugno has our very own mosquito defense chemical mixture that eliminates all flying insects, especially the dreaded mosquitoes.  We use three different mixture defenses, a different one each visit to prevent any sort of resistance to the pesticide that the mosquitoes might try to build up. Each spray will prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs for up to three weeks.

Will this eliminate every single mosquito in the yard?
Not a pest control company on earth can guarantee a 100% elimination of all flying insects from a yard. All it takes is 1 wandering mosquito from a untreated neighbor's yard to fly over to yours and bite you. Best thing to do is suggest your nearest neighbor to start a spray plan of their own to completely eliminate any chance of these bites. If the problem continues to occur, we will come do a respray at no charge.

Are these chemicals pet & child safe?
Of course they are. We would not be able to be in business if we harmed peoples pets Our trained technician knows the safest and most effective way to spread the chemical without infecting any of the belongings your pets or children play with. Once dry, these chemicals are 100% harmless to humans anyhow.

Can I get a one-time spray?
Absolutely, we offer one-time sprays for any outdoor event, We have sprayed yards being used as a party to estates being used as a huge  wedding reception, We will be on-call 24/7 for these events to ensure you enjoy a bug-free evening, even if it rains.

 When will I know when you will come to spray?
Yes, we will alert you within 24-72 hours before the due date to coordinate a date and time that works around YOUR schedule. Anytime between 8am-7pm, and even on Saturdays.

How much does a consultation & estimate cost?
FREE, our professional pest control tech will do an evaluation of your yard, and what will be needed as far as how much will be appropriate to spray absolutely free of charge.

How long does the spray last?
Our pesticide is a contact-kill and residual, which means even when dry, its effect stays on the source for up to three weeks forming a barrier from future mosquito to hatch their eggs on.  Due to the weather elements you can expect the barrier to start fading after 3 weeks. This is why the bi-weekly service plan is recommended for the highest effectiveness.