Our most popular and effective service we offer to eliminate over 30 different common pests and rodents in your home or business is our Continuous Pest Plan. When your property is faced with a pest problem on your property the only way to rid yourself of these pests is to continuously treat the property on a bi-monthly basis. Many people are mistakenly misinformed on this concept that "one treatment spray will be enough". The problem with this theory is that even after eliminating the insect's on contact, new colonies and breeding grounds will return within 45-60 days with most species of insects. The only REAL method of attack on these pests is to treat every two months using a different set of pesticides on each visit to help ensure the pests do not build a tolerance to the chemicals and baits. At Bugno Pest Control we utilize a very special and vast variety of different chemicals to goto battle against these pests using the latest bottle & bag equipment as well as our extremely powerful outdoor gas-powered pump that can release a gallon of pesticide every 25 seconds. (This will be used in the treatment of mosquitos, ticks and outdoor fleas.)

Along with our chemical spraying, we install monitoring glue traps throughout the property to focus in on the areas that show more activity then others and therefore handle the situation accordingly. 

If you are having a rodent issue, included with our Continuous Pest Plan we have just what is needed to take care of this as quickly as possible. poison boxes with be strategically placed throughout the property along with snap-traps . Both devices will be placed in areas that children and pets will not be able to access them.

Many people confuse German Roaches for your common American House Roach, The difference is not only in their size and shape, but in the way they reproduce. German Roaches are much smaller and therefore hide in the smallest cracks and crevices in your home. So no matter how much chemical you spray, the Germans will hide from it, and end up reproducing at a rate of 5-7 times quicker than your average roach. If left untreated, you are looking at a full infestation within a month.

Bugno has a 3 point attack plan on German Roaches.

First we use a flushing agent to bring the roaches out from their hiding places and then do a light spray to the  kitchens and/or infected areas as well as set monitoring glue traps.

Second visit we evaluate the glue traps to see which areas are more densely populated. We then use several roach gel baits around moldings, power sockets, behind appliances, and in cabinet corners. Another batch of a special German roach chemical mixture is sprayed low to the floor and in cabinets and baseboards.

Third and usually final visit is a check-up on new glue traps, re-baiting and re-spraying if necessary

Using this system we have yet to have a dissatisfied customer with our German Roach services. Call today to setup your free inspection!

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