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Crawlspace Management Solutions

One of the most underrated and forgotten areas of a home owners property is the crawlspace. A neglected crawlspace can end up destroying the infrastructure as well as producing a variety of harmful molds dangerous to the human body. A crawlspace with high levels of moisture will attract wood-destroying organisms, and within just a couple of years left untreated, will leave your lumber holding your structure up-right, weak and eventually destroyed.

Considering each property is different, an experienced crawlspace technician will be sent to your property for an inspection to determine what needs to take place to get the crawlspace in good standing condition. 

Bugno Pest Control does the following in crawlspace management:

- Removal of old barrier and all debris.
- Removal of old & damp insulation that has lost its R-19 value. 
- Removal of any standing water.
- Installation of either an 8mm or 10mm vapor barrier covering the entire crawlspace floor as well as nailing, taping, and glueing the vapor barrier 18" up each piling and 18" up all perimeter walls.
- Installation of new R-19 insulation if necessary.
- Installation and wiring of de-humidifier, as well as running a drain pipe out of the crawlspace.
- Crawlspace encapsulation. (sealing off all vents)
- Installation of new crawlspace entry-door if necessary.Type your paragraph here.

Here is an example of one of our encapsulation jobs: